Friday, March 22, 2013

Carson and Lillian

This is David Gandy (Carson Bradley) and Kristin Kreuk(Lillian Ly)....

After I created the characters for my book, I found these two beautiful people who fit my descriptions perfectly...I hope this helps your imagination :)

*These photos are not mine.  I'm sharing them from Pinterest.  The models/actors are NOT affiliated with my book.  The characters are fictional.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Need true romance after '50 Shades of Grey'?

     After reading the Twilight series, 50 Shades and Sylvia Day's, I was inspired to write my own romance book(series?).  It started with an interest and has evolved into a passion.  I'm on my last chapter...I'm beyond excited to share it with my fellow romance readers.

     Please follow my blog and open your hearts up to a new couple, Carson and Lillian.  I know you will fall in love with them as soon as you read the first couple of chapters.  I will eventually post at least 3-4 chapters of my book on this blog for you to sample.

     Thank you for checking my blog!!!!!

Lan LP