Thursday, April 25, 2013

Chapter 3- Part 2


I nervously walk towards him…the man I’ve been having illicit dreams about is now staring deeply into my paralyzed eyes with his own enslaving hazel green eyes.  He looks confident, stern and controlled.  His mind seems preoccupied.  I think he’s studying me and determining if I’m professionally capable of managing his care.  Maybe he thinks I’m too young and inexperienced.  I give him one confident smile and avoid his inquiring eyes.  The last thing I want is for him to validate my attraction to him.  My eyes would undoubtedly deceive me. 

He doesn’t embrace me with a smile.  But for some odd reason, this makes him even more incredibly attractive to me, in a distinguished way.  I notice his bountiful undulating dark brown hair is now neatly groomed and his flawless chiseled face is also freshly shaven.  I visually trace the length of his masculine jaw line to his charming boyish one-sided dimple.  God, he’s hot!  I obliviously bite on my thumb nail without thinking.  He follows my finger with his severe eyes.  I’m caught.  I nervously remove it and bite on my lower lip.  I evade his meticulous eyes and focus on his full luscious lips which are pressed firmly together.  Deja-vu thoughts of him licking his lower lips flash through my mind.  I’m reminded of our ambulance ride and how lustful he made me feel then as well as now.  “Cut it out!”  I caution myself.

Mr. Bradley is much taller sitting upright.  I speculate he’s probably over six feet…dominantly towering over me.  He is undeniably one of the sexiest men I've ever seen.  Of course, I already secretly know how tone and perfectly muscular his body is underneath that hospital gown.  Holy shit, I’m losing it again.  What’s the matter with me?  I have to shake these craving thoughts out of my idiotic head.  He needs to see me as a professional medical resident not some ogling admirer.  Unfortunately, the weight of his continuous stare hinders my focus even further.  I encourage myself to quickly peruse his medical chart and gather the information I need to provide a quick assessment.  Mystery man now has a real name.  Carson Bradley, born May 31, 1980…how coincidental, we have the same birth day but he’s ten years my senior. 
“Hello Mr. Bradley, I’m Dr. Ly, your assistant medical resident.  I will be working under the guidance of Dr. Stanford to help accelerate your recovery here at this hospital.  Besides for a few minor bruises and mild dehydration, you are fortunate to have survived your mishap in that frightful storm.  Do you have any questions or concerns for me?”
I inform him in my most authoritative voice.  His confidence in my professional abilities is invaluable to me.  I expect him to look beyond my youth and not equate it with inexperience.  He takes my hand and shakes it firmly as if he’s sealing a business transaction.  His touch stimulates all my senses and confirms my desires for him are indisputably real.  Our hands remain together for longer than a customary handshake so I regretfully remove mine before my uncontrollable hormones expose me. The tingling sensation from our touch still lingers on my hand. 
“First of all, thank you for saving me and for your professional care.  I will be forever in your debt, Dr. Ly.” 
His penetrating eyes command my attention, but I’m afraid to look into them.  They remain fixed on me regardless.  Oh shit, his deep manly voice is as sexy as the rest of him.  I’m utterly doomed. 

“Mr. Bradley, it’s my duty to care for all wounded and sick people.  You don’t owe me anything.”  I pray my confident voice will not disappoint me as I respond. 

“Then will you please tell me how much longer I will be detained here?  I’m a busy man.  It’s imperative for me to leave as soon as possible to handle pressing business matters back home.”  He continues to stare at me with studious eyes.  “I have people waiting for me.  I can’t waste any more time being stuck here.”  His considerate tone is now completely arrogant and demanding.  He transforms into a conceited asshole within minutes. 
Initially, I am taken back by his haughty response and attitude.  However, I’m relieved to see this unattractive side of him.  I was completely accurate about my stereotyping of his kind.  The lustful trance he has over me sizzles out instantly, yielding overflowing steam from my simmering anger.  I have an urgent need to run out of this room and leave him behind as quickly as possible.  I glare at him with my eyes sideways and slightly narrowed. 
“I do not detain anyone here against their will.  As soon as I complete your vitals and if they are satisfactory, I will release you by the end of today.  You can tend to your pressing and personal needs then, Mr. Bradley.”  I reply harshly through gritted teeth. 

He’s stunned from my abrasiveness but also seems amused at the same time.  There’s a visible smirk on his face even though he fails miserably to conceal it.  Does he think this is funny?  I don’t find anything amusing about his arrogance.  I’m fuming with irritation.  I assume he’s unfamiliar with women being this forthright and challenging with him.  He’s probably accustomed to them surrendering to his every beckoning needs and commands.  In other words, kiss his egotistical ass.  I am not that type of woman.  I don’t kiss anyone’s ass.

“Dr. Ly, I didn’t mean to sound ungrateful.  I hope I didn’t offend you.”  There’s remorse in his tone.  I blatantly ignore his apologize.
His beseeching green eyes may be slightly convincing.  But at this point, I don’t give a crap about what he utters out of his mouth and stomp out hastily.  As soon as I’m far enough away from his room and out of his view, I puff out an irascible breath.  I lean my shaken body against the supportive wall behind me in hope of regaining my balance.  “What an arrogant and ungrateful son of a bitch…I can’t believe I was fantasizing about you!”  I angrily scold myself.  This is why I can’t allow any men into my life.  They’re too complicated.  I reclaim my composure and collectedly continue with the rest of my hospital rounds. 


Damn, no woman has ever dared to confront me like that.  I was already taken by her beauty and intelligence but her spit fire and strong will makes her even more irresistible to me.  How can I possibly think clearly with that seductive ruffled expression on her stunning face?  If only she would allow me to take her into my arms and seal my eager lips over hers, she would know how much I desire her.  She has a sexy habit of biting her lower lip when she’s crossed as well as nervous.  Christ, she’s making me hard for her without trying or knowing.  I’m forcing every fiber in my body to fight my attraction for her.  It’s driving me insane that I’m unable to control my own emotions.
I’m tired and bored of willing women telling me what I want to hear.  I never know what’s really going through their minds because they’re in constant fear of how I might react to their honesty.  I crave deep conversations with real opinions and sentiments.  I love her brutal emotional honesty.  It initiates an intense purpose for me to want her, in a determined way.  But what the hell am I saying?  I thought I’ve already convinced myself to leave her alone.  This is why I’m deliberately arrogant and curt with her.  I'm intentionally pushing her away from me with my better judgment even though I don’t want to.  I'm torn, especially after seeing her upset because of me.
I will only end up breaking her heart because I’m incapable of loving anyone.  “Don’t be a selfish bastard!”  I reprimand myself.  “Let her be!  She deserves better.”  But why is my heart triggered by her?  I’m more alive than I’ve ever been in years.  What should I do?  I have to distance myself from her, the sooner the better.  The tough challenge is to somehow secure my thoughts and desires for her until Owen picks me up.  I’m not sure this is possible for me…

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