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Chapter 3- Part 3


An unexplained epidemic of local sick children pours into the hospital, causing chaotic panic among the staff.  Every room is completely occupied but the number of ill children continues to grow.  They’re vomiting and dry heaving unremittingly without any relief.  The awful smells and sounds are foul enough to make me gag my insides out.  But there is no time for weak stomachs.  I run around frantically attending to the ones who are helplessly waiting for assistance.  It brings overwhelming tears to my eyes seeing so many young babies and children crying in pain and discomfort.  The agonizing expressions on their faces are unbearable to witness.  I hate to see anyone cry in pain, especially children.  I want to gather every one of them into my arms and heal them immediately, take their suffering away.  I pick up a feeble infant boy who struggles to give out dim whimpering sounds.  Both of his parents are sobbing.  Their hearts are heavy with concern.  I hug him tightly in my arms and say a silent prayer while holding back my own tears.  “God, please help me cure all these innocent babies.”  I open my eyes, gather my strength and lead them down a congested hallway.
To my astonishment and disbelief, I see Mr. Bradley among a crowd of wailing people with his IV pole kindly assisting a family of three young children.  He generously offers them his private room.  He tenderly kneels down to one of the little girl and wipes her tears.  She grants him an uplifting smile, reaches for his hand and holds onto it.  He receives her gesture with delight.

Why is this arrogant, self-centered man being compassionate?  I’m confused.  My heart is even more confused.  The only thing I’m certain about is I can no longer deny my feelings for him.  Coincidentally at that very moment, he affectionately looks directly into my tearful eyes.  His expression is warm and sympathetic.  He sees right through my hard armor and directly into my heart.  I break our intense gaze and mouth, “Thank you!”  He rewards me with his heart-wrenching smile and playfully salutes me with his right hand. 

I call Amelia and Richard, who are both assigned to the same hospital thirty minutes from here, for reinforcement.  They came as soon as they completed their scheduled shifts.   I’m ecstatic and relieved to see them.  I need all the help I can gather.  I briefly introduce them to Mr. Bradley.  Richard is reserved and cautious when he shakes his hand, while Amelia is her amicable bubbly self.  We divided into six teams and eventually stabilized all the children by late evening.
It has been a long and exhausting evening.  We’re all completely drained and ready to crash.  I want nothing else but to fall into my bed and sleep for the next twenty-four hours.  The idea is pampering but impossible.  I could never afford the luxury of wasting that many hours on sleep.  I’m constantly committed to classes, studying and hospital rotations.  

As we walk around the corner to the main hospital entrance, I spot Mr. Bradley wearing ceil blue hospital scrubs speaking to someone on the phone.  He has a troubled expression on his face.  I jealously wonder who he’s talking to…maybe a girlfriend.  And why am I jealous?  Argh...I'm frustrated with myself.  I wave him over to our direction once he finished his call.  His expression lightens up. 
“Mr. Bradley, do you have a place to stay for the night since you kindly gave up your room?  You’re more than welcome to come back with us.  Even though you’re stable, it wouldn’t hurt to have medical staff at an arm’s reach.” I unexpectedly offer him.  I see both Richard and Amelia’s faces in complete shock. 
“Thank you for your generous offer, Dr. Ly.  I would really appreciate a place for tonight since my housing arrangements are not ready for this evening.”  The arrogant jerk I talked to several hours ago has seemed to disappear and is replaced with this more agreeable charming man. 

“You can stay with me.” Richard hesitantly offers.  I’m not surprise that he volunteers his place.  He must’ve sensed my attraction to Mr. Bradley and wants to keep the distance between us.  I don’t blame Richard for his ill feelings towards him.  I had assured Richard from the beginning that I have no room for romance and now, I’m obviously lusting over another man in front of him.  I have to admit it’s a better option for him to stay with Richard anyways.  I wouldn’t be able to sleep, knowing Mr. Bradley is merely steps away from me.  I don't trust my irrepressible hormones.

He drives off with Richard and I catch a ride with Amelia back to our dormitory.  Amelia questions me relentlessly about Mr. Bradley.  “What is going on between you and this handsome Mr. Bradley?  I've never seen you this animated around a man before.”  Am I that obvious? 
“I don’t know what you’re implying?  I’m just trying to be gracious to a homeless man.” I unconvincingly deny. 
“I’ll drop it for tonight because we are both dog tired, but I will need answers from you tomorrow, alright?”  She narrows her eyes sideways at me.  I nod my head to appease her.

We all arrived at the dormitory at the same time.  The air in the elevator is unbelievably thick as soon as the doors close and seal the four of us in.  I refrain from looking directly at Mr. Bradley but fail to avoid indulging my eyes at his handsome reflections from the stainless steel doors in front of us.  I see Richard’s impassive expression from the reflection as well.  No one opens their mouth, not even to breathe, it seems.  This is by far my longest elevator ride up to the tenth floor.  The doors finally open.  We single file out.  Women first and then the men follow behind.  Mr. Bradley unconsciously places his palm at my lower back to courteously guide me out.  His brief touch sends an ardent yearning sensation throughout my body but I shake it off promptly.  I can’t lose my control in front of everyone, especially Richard.     
“Good night.”  I softly bid him. 
“Good night, Dr. Ly.”  He responds with searching eyes.  I quickly evade them.  I’ve already made it this far.  I can’t fail now.

Richard leads Mr. Bradley in the direction of his room.  He’s not happy about sharing his place or his girl with this man.  I can clearly see it in his sulking eyes.  I steal several more irresistible glimpses of Mr. Handsome Bradley to add to my mental portfolio of him.  Amelia catches me but she’s too tired to wrestle for answers.  I’m sure she will not let me off the hook this easily tomorrow.  I better prepare myself for her many inquisitions.  But the second I enter my room, I plunge into my bed from extreme exhaustion.  I didn’t even have enough energy to dream about Mr. Bradley.  Well...maybe just a little one...

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