Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A little teaser from Chapter 17

“Do you find my accent or me sexy, Lily?”  

He smiles with his lips loosely pressed together and with one eyebrow arched.  His incessant erotic kissing seduces the area behind my ears and along my jaw, a very sensitive zone for me.  He knows my weakness, and he’s going for the kill.  It tickles and sends my neurons into an explosive electrical shock, arousing my entire body.
“I find everything about you sexy.”  I breathlessly confess what he’s been longing to hear. 

“C’est bon!  I want you to have eyes for only me, mon Amour, and no one else.  Qui, Mademoiselle Ly?”
“Keep this up and my faint vision of Amelia’s host will forever be erased.”  I taunt him while refraining from laughing.
He sensually grazes the length of my jawline with his lips and tongue, nips the delicate lobe of my ear with his teeth and slowly pulls away from my extremely aroused and willing body.  He leaves me yearning, almost shamefully begging for more.
“Carson, please don’t play hard to get with me.  I need you.”  I give him a sour pout for not getting my way.
His expression is subdued.  “You need to be punished for being naughty, for toying with my emotions, little Vixen.”  A playful smirk overtakes his frown as he fights hard to hide it.